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Current Token Sale Progress: Tier 1 - 150 ZFX: 1 USD

What is the Zerosum Platform

The ZeroSum Platform is a peer versus peer competitive platform that allows individuals to create and participate in competitions that require a measurable skill in a given subject matter. Users enter with a defined entry fee and if victorious against their peers win prizes immediately. Initially created to isolate trading skill in trading competitions the platform and technology base are extensible in order to support any desired peer versus peer competition event. The ZeroSum Platform is already built and available at www.zerosummarkets.com – ongoing development and support for third party implementations are continuing to bolster the ZFX Token.

ZeroSum is a ground breaking blockchain technology platform that empowers individuals to demonstrate their skills in a competitive format against their peers

Token Sale Details

What is a ZeroSum token:

ZeroSum token – The ZeroSum token is the mechanism that enables users to participate on any ZeroSum enabled platform for peer versus peer competitions. The Ethereum Smart Contract is specifically designed to be extensible for a multitude of use cases, including our proprietary Sentiment Engine (also requiring ZFX).



Total supply:


(One and half billion) tokens



All unsold tokens will be burned

Initial Rate:

Price per

100 tokens = 1 USD

ZFX Sale Structure

Distributed to



Bonus Structure

Up to 1.5M
Up to 3M
Up to 4.5M
Up to 6M
Up to 7.5M

ZFX Stats

$300,000 +

Development Done

2,000 +

Research and Development Hours

163,855 +

Lines of Code

Proceeds Breakdown

Marketing & Aquisition
Ongoing Development

ZFX Token Mechanics

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Roadmap for
funds raised


Development of Mobile platform that utilizes ZFX for on demand peer competitions. Ongoing marketing and client aquisition.


Continued development in expanding platform features and expansion of Sentiment Engine capabilities. With a specific aim to extend API capabilities of the Sentiment Engine.


Internationalization of ZFX token sites. Creation of these sites can cater to different cultural preferences to build a more robust ZFX network.


University sponsorship and onboarding to a ZFX platform to create a national level League. The League will use the ZFX Token and oversee a credible skills competition for financial students.


Purchase of a traditional retail brokerage to convert to a fully integrated ZFX token platform of their userbase. Acquisition of 100,000 user base, there exist multiple distressed retail companies that we can target.

What is the ZeroSum Sentiment Engine

The ZFX Token will become the access token for users who wish to access ZeroSum’s proprietary sentiment index. The ZFX Smart Contract will provide aggregated, anonymized real time trade data to our Sentiment Engine which in turn will produce a simplified feed accessible through our custom UI or API.

Level the Playing

Peer Versus Peer

Skill Matters

Alpha Signal
Sentiment Engine

Spread Free

Trustless Trading

Use Cases

The Young Trader

Zach is a young student of the markets, just getting started in the world of trading. He has heard stories of friends making and losing money in retail trading, either in apps or online platforms. After trying his hand and losing his first $1,000 from an online retail FX shop like FXCM he decides he needs something different. Not willing to give up trading just yet Zach finds the ZeroSum network. He purchases his first ZFX Tokens from ZeroSum onboarding page, which integrates with an established ERC20 token exchange, he is ready to start trading. Zach first enters a free competition and places fifth which is good enough to earn him an additional 50 ZFX. Zach is now engaged, he enters another competition, 3 players trading EUR/USD over 24 hours. Zach comes out ahead and wins additional ZFX. Zach has been planning on buying a camera drone for some time so he visits an ERC20 exchange and trades out some of his winning ZFX Tokens for USD. With his remaining ZFX Zach continues to compete on the ZeroSum Platform.

The Experienced Trader

Jerry has been in the markets for a while it’s been nearly 20 years since his hay-day in the late 1990s early 2000s retail trading boom. After losing a decent amount of money in 2008 the pain of trading has left Jerry more cautious than he used to be. Jerry knows he is a good trader, in fact, he has proven this time and time again with side bets with his buddies from work and the gym. Although a savvy trader Jerry is cautious about where he opens accounts, the fees are killer for him and he knows the eat away at his returns. It’s just hard to beat anything these days, he often finds himself quipping to his friends. After hearing about ZFX Token platforms Jerry decides to purchase ZFX Tokens for his crypto-wallet. After seeing a noticeable increase in value and usage on the ZFX network Jerry goes to a ZFX enabled site and enters a few competitions. The marked difference between traditional trading avenues draws him in. Suddenly he is no longer competing against banks but other living traders! Jerry crushes competitions with his experience and earns himself a great return of ZFX Tokens. Knowing that he will continue to use the platform in the future Jerry buys additional ZFX Tokens from the exchange in order to achieve the Diamond Tier status. Jerry has realized that the retail boom is coming back with this new mechanism that enables skill over hardware and he is ready.

The Third Party Operator

PvP-FX and its sister site PvP-EQ offer peer versus peer FX competitions and Equities competitions as their names suggest. They see opportunities in South America and South Africa, markets that the ZeroSum Operators have not yet reached in their rapid growing expansion. They license the ZeroSum technology and white label solution. After purchasing a large amount of ZFX to hold in reserve on the open exchange PVP-FX and PVP-EQ open their offerings to their prospective regions. They bolster the usage of ZFX over the entire network and demand and daily volume increases 25% over the first three months of operation.

Non Trader Use Cases of ZFX Token

Jack and Yousef are not traders but they have been arguing over who is more skilled at predicting the weekly rainfall in Everett, WA. After searching for a solution in how to definitely answer their argument they have explored possibilities of other prediction market sites to settle their dispute. None of the current sites, Augur, Gnosis, STX allow for a hassle free way of resolving since it requires constant creation, update, resolutions, recreation patterns. Yousef has a daily rainfall data stream and so creates a single competition on a ZFX Token based platform ComPETERS (named after the two brothers Peter who founded the site). On this site Jack and Yousef are able to compete daily and be rewarded in their predictions without having to constantly create a new competition. The winner after three weeks of daily competitions walks away with 1,100 ZFX which he then sells on an ERC20 exchange. Jack and Yousef continue to find new ways to test their skill against one another and become recurrent users of ComPETERS.

Sentiment Subscriber

Ralph and June are institutional traders and are looking for an alpha generating signal to add to their other data feeds. They find the ZFX Sentiment Engine to be highly valuable in alerting them to shifting tends in retail trading sentiment on an instant basis – something that previously was only accessible on a weekly report. They purchase ZFX Tokens from an exchange and subscribe. Ralph uses the provided UI while June opts to build the Sentiment Engine into her trading algorithm via the Engine’s API. Their monthly ZFX fee for access is then part of the distribution to ZFX platform users who contributed the sentiment data.

The Team

"Lawrence started out with Bitcoin building a miner back in 2012, since then he has traded precious metals at a T1 bank in NYC. ZeroSum started as an idea but now has become a full time operation for Lawrence."

Lawrence Richardson II CEO, Co-Founder

Having accelerated multiple angel and venture backed startups, tech startups via sales and marketing strategy, to collaborating and working with Fortune 500 Companies - Cahill brings a deep knowledge and vast understanding of the startup ecosystem to the team.

Cahill Puil Strategic Marketing

"Serial entrepreneur and high-tech executive. Early-stage investor and adviser to startups. CEO and Founder of Eligo Energy in Chicago."

Alex Goldstein Lead Investor, Senior Advisor

"A seasoned markets veteran, Ron has been involved in the trading world for over 20 years. After a successful tenure at Citi, Ron went on to become Global Head of Electronic FX Trading for a major international bank."

Ron Klipstein Senior Investor, Advisor

"The Pablos, two of our lead developers. They co-lead the team for project updates and implemenations. Combined work expertise of over 40 years they are highly skilled developers and with thousands of hours, commits later they both experts in Java, C++, Ruby, Rails, and now Solidity."

Pablos Senior Developers

"Seasoned corporate finance attorney, negotiator, adviser, and deal maker. Has practiced law for over 30 years. Former partner of Baker & McKenzie. "

David Peteler Legal Counsel, Advisor

"Former Senior Data Scientist at Uber, Yang is well versed in the dissection and efficient application of big data. Yang holds an undergraduate degree in molecular biology from UC Berkley, as well as a Master’s Degree in Financial Engineering (MFE) from UC Berkley Haas School of Business."

Yang Guo Chief Data Scientist

"Jon is a former Wall Street currency trader who in 2016 became one of the largest cryptocurrency traders in the world, building and managing the crypto asset portfolio for a large Ultra High Net Worth family office. He was a nationally ranked chess player at the age of twelve, and was a professional poker player before taking up trading."

Jon West Advisor, Board Member

"Eytan a profressional trader for over 14 years has worked with companies to build their HFT and propriatary trading desks. Eytan is actively building ZeroSum's outreach as a global trading solution bringing traders and awareness to the platform."

Eytan Anisfeld Advisor

"Also founder of DVFX.com, a premiere affiliate marketing consultancy, Tiz's expertise in lead generation and organic marketing techniques has led him to become one of retail FX's most prominent digital marketers."

Tiz Gamborcota CMO and Affiliate Expert

"An early stage investor and advisor to startups across the globe. Mark is an award-winning CIO and an experienced technology leader. His specialties include Technology strategy and management, enterprise architecture, complex software architecture, predictive analytics and modelling, online customer acquisition."

Mark Friedgan Investor, Advisor, Tech Consultant

"Another serial entrepreneur Jake has advised startups from inception through all stages."

Jake Fisher Startup Counsel, Advisor


ZeroSum knows that a safe and successful Token Generation Event is paramount to user confidence. We have retained an expert in the firm who will be conducting the Token Generation Event on our behalf. New Alchemy has completed dozens of successful and high profile Token Events previously.
ZeroSum is the first of many platforms to utilize the ZFX Token. It provides users with daily fantasy styled trading competitions. Peer versus peer competitions allows users to earn prizes based on their skill and removes all the negative externalities typically associated with retail trading.
ZFX is the Token that will power a network of peer versus peer competitive platforms. ZeroSum is one example (and already built) but ZFX has been designed with extensibility in mind. ZFX also is the Token that allows access to our proprietary Sentiment engine.
Anyone can access the ZFX Sentiment Engine by signing up with ZFX Tokens on a monthly basis. Our in house algorithms take all data generated on the ZFX network and consolidate it into a usable alpha signal for trading purposes. Users who contribute to the data (users of ZFX competitive platforms) will receive a pro-rata distribution of the ZFX generated as fees.
ZeroSum is inherently a competitive platform that tests user skills. We are providing an on-demand arena where users can earn prizes through trading. Unlike prediction markets which are often slow and non-engaging Zerosum rewards users with activity. Our platform scales geometrically with each new user and the value of our Sentiment engine increases dramatically as an alpha providing signal.
Absolutely! Unlike other Token Sale events offering vaporware and an idea. The Zerosum platform is already built. Our team consists of Wall Street veterans, a former Uber chief data scientist and a development team with decades of experience. On top of all that we have retained New Alchemy to ensure a successful launch of the ZFX Token Generation event.

In addition to our New Alchemy partnership we have retained and completed a successful audit by Bok Consulting with our smart contracts to ensure the highest standards of execution.

Our advisor team led by Alex Goldenstein and Mark Friedgan are both experienced early stage investors with successful exits a piece. We have surrounded ourself with a team that not only has a strong vision but the support and technical knowledge to get it done.